The 2011 Decatur Old House Fair



Swanton Amphitheater

10:30-Noon   Storm Windows for Older Homes
1:00-2:30   Ranch Houses in DeKalb County and Georgia: Ordinary or Iconic?
3:00-4:30   20th Century Landscapes

Mary Gay C

10:30-Noon   Researching Your House/What Style is my House?
1:00-2:30   Energy Efficiency in Older Homes
3:00-4:30   Ask Bill!

Mary Gay D

10:00-11:30   “Greening” Your Old House
1:30-3:00   Plaster and Paint
3:00-4:30   Kitchen and Bath Solutions in Old Houses

Henry Oliver E

10:00-11:30   Working with an Architect
1:30-3:00   Maintaining an Old House
3:00-4:30   20th Century Interiors

Henry Oliver F

10:00-Noon   Wood Window Workshop
1:00-2:30   Wood Floors and Details
3:00-5:00   Wood Window Workshop